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Always Going Contest:
Name a Shipping - This is a contest for naming random/possible shippings/pairings inside of Kelly's Journey! Send us a note with the pairing and the shipping name! The only prize is that it becomes the shipping name. =P Sorry that it's not oh-so-awesome. XD

There are a few rules:
1.) No profanity in the shipping name.
2.) They MUST include ONE of the fan characters that were put in (Kelly, Daisy, Mist, Kiara, Lenn, etc.)
3.) They must include any other character (includes Pokémon themselves) from the fanfiction/rewrite/show.
4.) The shipping name must NOT be taken.
5.) If there is a reason why you named this shipping what you named it, please include that when you send us a note.

Are you not sure if the shipping name is taken? Then...why not check the following three links?
KJ Shipping List/Incomplete List of Shippers/

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