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1.) No bashing the fanfiction/rewrite! Should be obvious if this is a fan club.
2.) Please, do not fight over stuff (anything - characters, etc.) in this club. If you're going to fight, send messages to each other, please and thank you.
3.) NO ship/pairing bashing, please! Respect shippings!

1.) Do not submit hentai/porn. FANSERVICE is fine. Hentai is not. =P
2.) There are no restrictions for pairings, exception to that the characters must be in Kelly's Journey!
3.) All KJ artwork must contain one of the original characters placed into the KJ series. If they contain ONLY the characters from the original anime series, they are not KJ fan art.
4.) Fanfictions are allowed.
5.) PLEASE submit the work to the correct folder. If you're unsure, click the folder to read its description.

For more details about submitting work, please check out the Submitting Work entry!

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