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What is</i> Kelly's Journey?</i>
Kelly's Journey is a Pokémon fanfiction/rewrite by TrainerKelly, retelling the Pokémon anime the way it would be with their own characters, as well others (with permission). It attempts to keep itself accurate to the anime, while switching it up enough to fit in the original characters.

Who are the new characters?</i>
The suppose-to-be-the-main-character, Kelly, becomes a trainer after being inspired by the Pokémon simulation games she used used to play and her younger sister (?!). She appears to have a music addiction, as her headphones never seem to leave her head, even when she's inside a gym to battle! She can appear to be a quiet person around most people. If she gets too comfortable around people, her true personality shows; she's still kind, but she's very talkative and can sound rude at times.

Daisy Ketchum is Ash's drama-queen-blackmail-loving younger sister. She always brings around her instant camera everywhere she goes, just to capture some of the best (and worst) moments in a picture. She tends to become over dramatic when she believes someone is trying to bash/make fun of/etc. her friends or her brother. She is a hardcore Onlyinadreamshipping (Kelly x Ash) fan ever since Virdian City (aka Epsiode 2). She keeps on insisting that they'll get married, but Kelly and Ash keep doubting it.

Mist lives in Pewter City, and is friends with Brock and his family. Mist gives off some sort of preppy-valley-girl vibe, when she's really not. There appears to be a secret between her and Misty...but what is it?

Kiara is another new character (created by shugotenshii, not TrainerKelly). Who is she? Where does everyone meet her? You'll find out soon.

Lenn is another new character (created by shugotenshii, not TrainerKelly). Who is he? Where does everyone meet him? You'll find out soon!

Where can I read this?</i>
On TrainerKelly's deviantART...or here!

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